(To the tune of "Heartbreak Hotel")


Since my commitment left me

I've found a new place to dwell

It's down at the end of that dead-end street

Called "The Avenue to Hell"


And I'm a-slippin

And a-trippin

Here on that Avenue to Hell


I used to read my Bible

I used to kneel and pray

But now I've found much better ways

That I can spend my day


And I'm a-sinnin

And a-grinnin

Here on that Avenue to Hell


I used to love my neighbor

I used to wanna give

But now I get all that I can

And live how I wanna live


I'm liberated


I don't need you anyway


My friends are praying for me

They say I'm headed for death

But I just sit and laugh and say

They shouldn't waste their breath

I tell them that my cold heart

Can quench that fiery flame

But deep down inside me

There's this feeling just the same


That I'll be weeping

And a wailing

At the end of that Avenue to Hell


September 30, 1984

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright 1984 Bill Griffin