Woe to the great city of Babylon

You’ve become a prison for all sorts of demons

Your filthiness has been seen by the Lord

And so a great wrath upon you will be poured


You will be paid back twice for what you’ve done

You’ve been given no place to run


The merchants will weep over your great name

When everything in you has turned to flame

The kings of the earth will wail and lament

Because in one hour your judgment has been spent


The sailors say where is another city

With the gold and riches that come out of thee?


Like a great millstone thrown into the sea

Is the way that Babylon’s ruin will be

No more will musicians put forth their sound

‘Cause in you the blood of the saints was found


People in heaven will praise God for this deed

For no more on the saints blood will you feed


Woe to Babylon!


July 1976

Music and lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1976 Bill Griffin