Coke for George


I'd like to buy my friend a Coke

And do it in the caf'

But contracts changed last summer

So Pepsi is all they have


I'd like to buy George C a Coke

And from a Coke machine

But Pepsi's all they got her now

At least from what I've seen


I'd like to sell Sanders a Coke

I know that he'd pay cash

Itís kept in the department fridge

That's my secret stash


I'd like to buy the world a Coke

And do it at E.U.

I'd like to drink the pop I want

And Pepsi just won't do


It's the Real Thing

What the school wants to see

That's the way it should be

It's the real thing, Coca Cola


November 11, 1999 pm

Commissioned by Betty Schoolfield in honor of George Crawford (for his birthday party), who negotiated the contract which changed Evangelís beverage from Coke to Pepsi.

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1999 Bill Griffin