Cm or Bm

Run the red light, and you're to blame, darling

You give bikes a bad name



On every ride you go

Whether fast or slow

Even rain or snow

Every tire you blow

I'll be drafting you



Well my bottles are full, I'm ready to go

I'm standing here beside the door

I've stretched and filled my tires up with air

But you haven't even gotten your snack

From what I see you ain't done jack

You take so long I think it isn't fair


I'm leaving on a bike ride

Wond'rin' if you'll ever get outside

O babe, come on let's go



If you leave me now

You'll take away the very best draft I've had

Oooh baby please don't go

And if you leave me now



Take the road bike to Joplin

And I'll meet you at the high school

We can put our tent out back there

Because outside the temperature's cool


Don't be slow

Oh no no no

Oh no no no

And there's sixty five more miles 'til we go home



Here we come, riding down the street

Get the funniest looks from everyone we meet


Hey, hey, we're in spandex

Bright colored jerseys too

Showing off our leg muscles

To anyone who'll take a view


E or F (C or G better)

We're men, we're men in tights

We ride around the county on our bikes

We're men, we're men in tights

We get exercise whenever we can, that's right!

You may think we're crazy

Whenever you see us riding at night with our lights

We're men, we're men in tight tight tights

Always on guard avoiding the dogs that bite

When you wanna ride, just go with the men in tights

We're fast!


Finished September 4, 2003

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics copyright 2003 Bill Griffin