My name is brother Job

I'm singing this song

Cause everything in my

Life has gone wrong

My buddies come around

they want to make me feel good

They give me words of comfort like

They know they should

We chat for a while and then

I hear them say

It must be your fault that

Things have gone this way


I bet you missed church

Last Wednesday night

You missed the altar call

That would have set things right

Let me see your checkbook

Did you pay your tithe?

I bet you didn't give

Ten percent, only five, there must be

Sin in your heart that

You did not confess, you probably

Took a second look at the girl in

That flowered dress


I got the blues....


I said, I think the devil and God

Had a chat about me

"Let's see what it'll take to make Job

Blaspheme Thee"

I lost all my possessions and those

I love with all my heart

And if that's not enough

My body's falling apart

And then y'all come along

And say things like these, so I say

With friends like you

Who needs enemies?


August 15, 1997 (?)

Words and music by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1997 Bill Griffin