Led to Slaughter


Little humans in a belly change a lifestyle all to quick

So take them out for some convenience with chemicals or a stick

And then tell the people it's just your right to choice

And while they listen to you they ignore a might voice:


Deliver those who are being led to slaughter

If you say, "See we did not know this"

Does not the One consider it who weighs the hearts

And judges each for their deeds


Take a trip unto a nation where a dollar buys labor cheap

And turn a blind eye to the violence and the death as you sleep

And then tell the people your position is one "pro-life"

And while they listen to you they ignore a mighty cry




You can pacify your conscience choosing one and ignoring the rest

And then go swimming in the bloodshed which stains your business vest

There's a way which seems right to a person which ends in death

And the cry is being heard by the One who gives you each breath




Written 1986-1987

Based on Proverbs 24:11-12

Music and lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1986-1987 Bill Griffin