Let's Ride


I get that feeling, it's time to ride

Get my helmet and gloves and water outside

That country air makes me feel alive

I think I'm gonna do about twenty five


Let's ride


Get away from the computer and phone

Give me some time just to be alone

Maybe I think, maybe I pray

Listen to the birds and smell the hay


Let's ride, let's ride, hmmm, let's ride


Scoot a little turtle off a dangerous place

Pick some berries and feed my face

Moo at a cow, You're what's for dinner

A few more miles and I'm gonna get thinner


Let's ride


Sometimes my wife and I go together

On chilly days or sunny weather

We chat about this and chat about that

And at the same time burn up a little fat


Let's ride, let's ride, hmmm, let's ride


A big mean dog gives me a chase

So I give it a greeting with a squirt of mace

Next time pooch gonna leave me alone

Gonna stay on the porch and chew his bone


To do something different I hit the trails

Ride through the trees and the mud and the dales

Feel a branch give me a scratch on the cheek

Slip on a rock and land in the creek


Let's ride, let's ride, hmmm, let's ride


To commute I take my mountain bike

I hop curbs, ride grass, gravel and the like

Somebody with a horn make a little fuss

I yell back, "Why don't you take the bus"


Wintertime come and it's layers galore

Goggles and a mask and so much more

My bright orange vest it makes me glow

I've even been known to pass a car in the snow


Let's ride


I think I'm gonna take a ride tonight

Got my front'n back flashers and a bright headlight

I see red clouds at sunset form

And watch pretty lightning in a distant storm


Let's ride


Hit a piece of glass and I get a flat

Fix it real fast and I'm over that

A hundred miles a week and I'm satisfied

Anything less and I feel denied


Let's ride, let's ride, hmmm, let's ride


July 5, 2000-July 6, 2000 10:55 AM 

Made up much on a ride w/Jonathan

Music and lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 2000 Bill Griffin