Mommy and Daddy Wear Spandex


Mommy and Daddy wear spandex

I can't believe it's true

Why can't they wear normal clothes

Like other people do

My friends think they are wacko

Because they dress that way

Why do they wear spandex almost

Every single day?



I can't believe Mommy wore that

I'm sure that people stare

Doesn't Mommy realize it

Looks like underwear?

In the winter Daddy looks like Stryper

Those black and yellow tights

I see him in them all the time

He wears them days and nights



When Mommy and Daddy wear spandex

I hide my eyes in shame

Don't they know that what they do

Is giving them a bad name?

It's not that I'm trying to force

On them my dislikes

But there must be something better to wear

When they get on their bikes!



July 22, 2002

Begun on a bike ride with my wife and finished at home

Music and Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 2002 Bill Griffin