Popular Christianity


Would you make it into "Popular Christianity"

Would they do a story on you?

Have you read all the books and heard all the tapes

That tell you how to make it through?

If they went to your house would they find the right spiritual

Poster on your wall?

Do you think you've done enough to be in their article?


Did you hear the latest speaker that came to town,

Were you on the very first row?

Did you get there early to get a good seat because

"Close is where the glory flows"?

Do you have the right stickers on the back of your car

And is your Bible trimmed in Gold?

Do you think you've done enough to be in their article?


Do you follow that spout where the glory comes out

And are you lookin' for the biggest show?

Are you keeping up with the latest "Jesus fad"

'Cause you think it's gonna make you grow?

Are you filling your life with side-dish stuff

But still find you've got a hungry soul?

Are you living your life just to be in their article?


Don't live your life for popular Christianity

But live it to please the Lord

Turn off your tape recorder every once in a while

And spend time in His word

Stay at home and spend a night with your family

Learn to love your kids and your wife

And let your article be published...

In the Book of Life



February 5, 1982 10pm

This is the first of the humor/satire songs I ever wrote and shows the major turning point in my music.

Words and music by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1982 Bill Griffin