(Tune: Aqualung)


Sitting on a bike seat

Pedalling the machine with his feet

Oh, Rideforfun


Sweat was running down his face

Dreaming of riding in a French race

Oh, Rideforfun


Legs are getting stronger

Finding he can do rides that are much longer

Oh, Rideforfun


Breathing lots of fresh air

Wondering why he doesn't see more people there

Oh, Rideforfun


Sunscreen and stretch

Warm up riding slowly

Checking time and mileage

As he goes

Dogs chasing bad

as he sprints to get some distance

He goes to fix a flat

beside the street


Riding alone

A bad hill's up the road

Convenience store for snacks

and Gatorade

Rideforfun my friend

don't you roll away without me

I'm trying hard, but cannot keep your pace


Do you still remember

September's 150?

And the century you rode last May

on roads that were hilly

On the climbs you barely caught your breaths

with aching in your chest

And the old barns line the farm roads

East and west



Finished September 15, 2005

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright 2005 Bill Griffin