Secret Coding Man

(To the tune of "Secret Agent Man")


Here's a man who to Christians is a danger

What he does with the Bible, there's nothing stranger

With every move he makes

He says another code he breaks

But the odds are he won't help your faith tomorrow


Secret coding man

Secret coding man

Well you give-a him a number

And he'll give you the right name


Beware of things this nut-case claims to find

Don't you realize he's messing with your mind?

Be careful bout what he say say

Cause the Lord don't work this way

But the odds are you won't turn him off tomorrow




Deceiving on the Ophra talk show one day

And misinterpreting on the Larry King show the next day

What he does with his math

Will knock you off the narrow path

The odds are he will steal your faith tomorrow




September 13, 1997 6:15 AM

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Steve Hopkins suggested I write a song about this topic.

Lyrics Copyright 1997 by Bill Griffin