The Advising Song

(Tune: Help Me Rhonda)


I see you are a freshman coming into our department today

Let me give you twelve credits in your major, does that sound OK?

Don't worry 'bout general ed

You can work on it later instead

And your other major is dumb so can scrap it anyway


Here's your classes here's here's your classes. . .

Let me sign your card


Well I wanna go to med school, you know that's what I'm gonna do

Can you give me all my classes after chapel and be done by two

Well labs they are such a bore

And those science classes make me snore

Ya gotta help my schedule make it easy as you can


Make it easy make make it easy. . .

Help me graduate without doin much work


Well I am a double major, and I haven't seen you in two years

But my other advisor saw me and said that I was all clear

But now you tell me I'm short two classes

What are you guys, just a couple dumb idiots?

You gotta help my transcript, help me graduate in four years


Help my transcript, help help my transcript. . .

Help me graduate, without summer school


August 23, 2000

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 2000 Bill Griffin