The Scripture Twist

(Tune is related to "Jailhouse Rock")


There's a new dance going all around

People are doing it all over town

All you have to do is just make your list

Of what you want and do the Scripture twist


Let's twist, Ah now twist,

Everybody let's twist, come on now twist,

Just pull that Bible off the shelf and let's twist


You just dance around the Scriptures once or twice

Forget that stuff about sacrifice

And loving your neighbor as yourself

But quote the ones that give you wealth


Let's twist...


You can know when Jesus will come again

If you add up the verses that point to then

And step to the side where it says repent

Cause you know that couldn't be what Jesus meant


Let's twist...


You can go to those parties and drink that booze

As long as you tell 'em about the Good News

You can excuse anything you do

If you twist those Scriptures through and through


Let's twist...



March 19, 1983

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics copyright 1983 Bill Griffin