Virtual Spirituality


Chorus: We're the first local church of the post-modern age

You can download the sermon from our Web page

We're the church of the twenty-first century

With our virtual spirituality


Our children's workers have all been

Certified by the insurance company

And they've been trained to play the VCR

So you can worship distraction free


At the church supper we'll take your credit

So you can eat your spaghetti

And by an auto bank draft you can

Pay your tithe to us so conveniently




We believe the Lord is leading us to

Build a brand new sanctuary

So with faith and trust we're asking you to

Buy a bond and pay a parking fee


And we've sold all of our publishing to

Corporate interests on Wall Street

So now we rent our worship songs from those who never cross our Church doors with their feet




Song started in August, 1996; finished November 28, 1996

Words and music by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1996 Bill Griffin