(The following song expires January 1, 2000)


Will our buildings crumble, will the stock market tumble

Will Elvis return, will our cities burn

Will the Martians land, will my coffee be banned

Will we be OK in Y2K?


Everything was fine in nineteen ninety nine

MCI would call summer spring and fall

Burger King sold fries, there were friendly skies

Everything's OK before Y2K


But will my toilet flush, will my oatmeal mush

Will my old car start, will they close Wal-Mart

Will my matches light, will my dog still bite

Will it be OK in Y2K?


I hope you got my e-mail with every detail

Of the mess we'll face here and in outer space

No more money I'll deposit, put that food in the closet

And I'll be OK in Y2K


If it is OK in Y2K

I can't sell my book, I can't get you shook

There will be another crisis and another line to rhyme with this....


Begun May 6, finished May 11, 1999, refinished June 6, 1999

John Pollnow was giving his baccalaureate message when I wrote this.

Music and lyrics by Bill Griffin

Copyright 1999 Bill Griffin