Music and lyrics by Bill Griffin and/or Jim Griffin


This is a "rock opera" which my brother Jim Griffin and I put together about the book of Revelation and related end-times issues. As I recall, we replaced two or three of the earlier songs with a nicer song, "Israel, Come Home," which was not originally conceived of as part of the collection. Jim and I did this as a duo, we did it with an early group of guys (whose names I do not recall except "Kyle"), and we worked it up much better with Apocalypse. From time to time Jim and I have done some of the songs without putting on the whole thing. To me, the fun songs are "Come," "They," and "Babylon."  I believe we wrote most of these songs in 1976.


I have not been able to find recordings of all of the songs. Below is a listing of all the songs and links to extant recordings.


Peace and Safety (no recording)

The Book (no recording)

Why Didn't I See? (no recording)

Israel, Come Home (replaced some of the above songs) (Version 2) (Version 3)

Come! (Version 2)

They (Version 2) (Version 3)


The Vials, Armageddon (I think the original title was different, but I don't remember the name)

In My Father's House


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