Comfortably Dumb



Hello, Is there anybody in here?

Just nod if you can hear me, Is there anyone in class?


Wake up, I have some information, folks

Just the basic facts: Do you think you can take notes?


Write something, Iím giving information, Liz

Here are all the facts, yes this is on the quiz



What are your views about scatology?

And the impotence of salivation history?

Iím in concordance with the professor

The Macadamian revolt was quite messy


Near Easter texts spoke of changing customers

Long ago before most can remember

And now because of anti-semantic views he didnít have a backbone to stand on

Is there an anecdote to this?


I have become comfortably dumb


I have become comfortably dumb



Ok, Just a little quizzie

You didnít study?--(Student) aaaaaahhhhh! (Professor) Thatís why youíre feeling sick


Come on now, I hear you snoring loud

Use that coffee cup, see if you can wake up



I have never had a problem with testing

ĎTil the last year of my senior year of high school.

Itís also not my fault if my writingís bad

I checked it, my computer checked it too


Why do we have more than one textbook

When what they say is sometimes the same?

My insolvent in the many facists of this class as I intercept

The comic signs in the heavens


I have become comfortably dumb


Finished August 15, 2007

Commissioned by Wave Nunnally. Lyrics by Bill Griffin. Student responses based on statements(especially malapropisms) obtained from writings of Evangel University students. (The Department of Theologyís so-called ďStudentís View of LifeĒ collection.)

Lyrics Copyright 2007 Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright 2007