Enter Homeland

[Tune: Enter Sandman]


You come back a veteran

An expert shot with a gun

Respected by everyone


Homeland sees you a threat

Because you are a vet

How quickly they do forget


Serve your nation with honor

The government gives you a dis


Uniform wearer

Might cause terror


You’re put on the list by Homeland


If you’re an abortion foe

No stem cells from embryos

Listen to talk radio


You want the borders secure

Every week you go to church

And think that people should work


Vote Republican

Or worse, Libertarian


If the Constitution’s

Your solution

You they brand

You’re put on the list by Homeland


There is freedom of religion

Of speech, press, and assembly

To keep and bear arms

To be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures


But if your name is Obam’ or Rahm

And your friend bombed the Pentagon

We know the Constitution you berate

You want more power for the state


Exit liberty

Enter tyranny

Iron hand


Exit liberty

Enter tyranny

Iron hand

We’re Put on the list by Homeland


Words April 18, 2009 by Bill Griffin, reflecting on Homeland Security’s recent report.

Words copyright 2009 Bill Griffin