I Should Have Studied Harder


I should have studied harder for a test like yours,

It would have certainly raised my scores,

Yes, it would, Hey, hey, hey, Yes, it would.


Wo-o, I never realized what an exam could be,

Grades like this should never happen to me,

Just a C or a D


And now I wish that I had studied, oh

Instead of letting myself doze

I really should have looked at the study guide

Instead of renting videos


Wo-o, I should have taken notes on all the things you said,

'Cuz I really just doodled instead,

Yes I did, hey hey he, Yes I did


(guitar solo)


Wo-o, I should have had a study group for my hall

Instead of taking that trip to the mall

Yes I should, yes I should



So when I ask for extra credit, oh

I am really saying I need that B  oh oh

My scholarship is on the line, on the line

I need it to get my degree


I need that B, I need that B


Begun January 16, 2000 9:30 pm

Finished February 4, 2000 pm

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright  2000 Bill Griffin