Mommy Used To Make Me Go To Church


My mommy used to make me go to church when I was small

I chose to go myself when I became tall

But now I'm here at college they make me go again

And not just on Sundays but five times in between


I made a new commitment four times last week

And learned about the will of God from three that I heard speak

At the altar I was called into a brand new ministry

Now was it preaching, teaching, missions, or high school assemblies?


They said that it was wrong to stay out late on Friday night

And gave some tips on how I could avoid a roommate fight

I asked the faculty how all of this applied to me since I was twenty seven, married six years, had two kids, owned two houses, worked at one job for seven years, and even been a deacon,

And they said, "So you can be a part of the community"


I feel so much more spiritual I'm sure I'm not alone

I know that I will miss it when I get out on my own

My mommy would be proud of me for going every day

And she won't get a notice telling her that I can't stay


Summer 1984?

Music and lyrics by Bill Griffin

This song occurred to me as I was walking home after leading worship at a summer school chapel.

Copyright 1984 Bill Griffin