Old Testament Syllabus

(Tune: Can't Buy Me Love)


Old Testament, mmm

Old Testament


I give four extra credit points

If you never miss my class

Two for once and one for twice

But if eleven you will not pass

And I don't use a seating chart

You sign an attendance sheet


I give you three exams my friend

Each is worth a fourth of your grade

Multiple guess and a little true false

Is the way they're mainly made

Half is class and half is reading

And they're 'bout a hundred questions long


His tests are hard

Everybody tells me so

His tests are hard

Oh, no no no


I give about one assignment a week

Type them with a standard font

Most are outlines of Bible books

And original's what I want

You have to do them by yourself

If you don't you are a cheat


I give about a quiz a week

And it's based on what you read

It happens at the beginning of class

And three minutes is all you need

My watch is set to the bureau of standards

So you better be on time


Old Testament

Better get there on time

Old Testament

Oh, no no no


You better read my syllabus

Cause over it I give a quiz

Read it through once and you'll do fine

But if you don't, questions you'll miss

You gotta know what it says to study

So you might as well read it soon


Old Testament, mmm

Old Testament, yeah


August 23, 1999

This summarizes my Old Testament Literature syllabus.

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright 1999 Bill Griffin