Please Go Home for Christmas


Cars will be driviní a long long ways

As students go home for the holidays

Mamaís good food, those backhome friends

Fido and Tiger jumping on me again


Four months of laundry in my trunk

No stupid roommate in the top bunk

Yeah, fast internet (unfiltered)

Real cable TV

And a real decorated Christmas tree


No room inspections or RD directions

Curfewís a thing of the past

And though my bedroom became the store room

And I know the hot water donít last


So tell mommy and my dad

Iím not in high school, Iíve grown up a tad

Just let me sleep in, please cut me some slack

And donít complain when I grab the midnight snack


Ooh, bring me some cookies, and ten feet of snow

And let me sit and watch the fireplace glow


December 14, 2009

Lyrics by Bill Griffin, but mainly based on ideas from my fall 2009 Sophomore Seminar class.

Lyrics copyright 2009 Bill Griffin