You made a New Yearís resolution

Well, you know

Youíre gonna break it pretty fast

It's just my New Year's intitution

Well, I know

You commitment it won't last


So when you go telling me Ďbout your self-discipline

My sister, youíre gonna be taking it on the chin


Youíll drop it pretty quick

Thatís right

Youíre commitment, it wonít stick

All, right

Itís just a mental trick

Thatís right


You say you found a new solution

Well, you know

Youíre never gonna lose that fat

You say itís in the execution

Well, you know

Youíll never make that tummy flat


So when you go talkiní about your new diet craze

Iím telling you that it will last about thirty days


You know it is a waste

This plan

ĎCause you love that dessert taste

Pie thatís pecan

So youíll never trim that waist

Oh, man


You say you joined the fitness center

Well, you know

You wonít be Ďround there very long

Youíll lose the money that you spent there

Because you know

You never wanted to belong


So come along just about Valentineís day

You wonít be darkening those doors any way


The Y didnít make you glad

Just hypertensive

Itís just another fad


Youíll find that youíve been had




Idea January 6, 2008

Finished December 29, 2009

Words by Bill Griffin

Words copyright 2009 Bill Griffin