Sleeping in the Chapel

(To the tune of "Crying in the Chapel")


You caught me sleeping in the chapel

The sound you heard was when I snored

I'm so close to overcutting

I daily check the chapel board


Just a plain and simple chapel

The worship team was out of tune

The speaker's sermon's running over

We won't get out of here 'til noon


I've searched, and I've searched

But I couldn't find

No way to get excused from this time


Take your textbooks to the chapel

Underline that page today

Then your quiz grade will be higher

And you'll surely make an "A"


You'll search, and you'll search

But you'll never find

No way to get excused from this time


Next semester I'll do better

I won't sit next to my ex-girl

I'll bring my pillow and my blankie

And with my teddy I will curl



April 18, 1998

Written in the CBC chapel.

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright 1998 Bill Griffin