Somethin's in the Water out Here, AKA What I Did on My Summer Vacation


We just got back from Wal-Mart to the cabin on the farm

When a man came up the gravel drive with a tone of alarm

With a cell-phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other

He was half talking to me and half talking to his father

He said, "Somebody in a blue van stole some stuff around here

And it's mighty strange to see you and your blue van, am I clear?"


Well, I said, "My name is Billy and, uh, just what might be yours?

And we're up here on vacation, we ain't breaking down no doors

And it's mighty odd to see you driving out here at ten-thirty

Because we're just getting fresh air, we ain't up to nothin dirty

And I tell you what, this ain't the blue van that somebody seen

'Cause if you take a close look you will see that it is green!"



Somethin's in the water out here, somethin's in the water out here,

It ain't wine and it ain't beer but somethin's in the water out here

I turn on the tap and it comes out clear but somethin's in the water out here


Somebody else came down the drive for it was time to mow

And he said, "The King James Bible is the way you have to go

These other Bibles are full of pride, debauchery and hatin'

And they're based on ancient texts that were planted there by Satan!" I said

"What if they're Italian and live in Italy?" He said,

"If they love God I'm sure they'll understand the KJV"




Well, we rode our bikes into the town to watch the parade

There were people lining both sides of the street there in the shade

There were fire engines, dump trucks, and pretty girls on floats

There were local politicians who were asking for our votes

They were throwing lots of candy and their sirens they would blow

But where else can a septic truck be part of the show?




Well, we slept in the cabin and we slept out in the barn

And we met some real nice people cross the road'n here at the farm

And we sat around and played guitars until about midnight

Adn we talked about the Bible and we talked 'bout livin' right

We took lots of pictures of 'bout everything we'd see

And I think some day we'd like to come back to this nice country






Finished June 26, 2006

Written during our summer vacation in Wisconsin about actual events during our trip.

Words and music by Bill Griffin

Copyright 2006 Bill Griffin