Test Tomorrow


Test tomorrow

Why donít you sit down and study

Youíve been Facebooking buddies for too long

Oh, youíre procrastinating

This is your last chance at redemption

Thereíll be no exemption

Time to move along


Don't you borrow notes from a slacker, boy

All he did was doodle

The four-oh girl in front is your best bet

The study guide ainít all you need

The book itself you better read

And hope important details you donít forget


Test tomorrow,

Your GPA ainít getting no higher

Your straits íre getting dire, itís time for you to haul

And graduation, well, you want to be walkiní

But if you donít pass this class youíll repeat it next fall


Donít you get real tired of the panic time

And you want to see all your grades climb

Looks like another all-nighterís in the works

Is it scantron answers with A B C

Oh, how much would it cost to buy the key?

Donít you wish you could outguess professor jerks?


Test tomorrow, why don't you open the textbook?

Get past that perplexed look, and your mental state

You may be failiní, but thereís a cure for this tension

You better gain comprehension (gain comprehension)

You better gain comprehension before itís too late


Commissioned by Wes Dingman April 13, 2009

Written April 13, 2009

Words by Bill Griffin (except ďtest tomorrowĒ by Wes Dingman)

Words copyright 2009 Bill Griffin