White House

[tune: White Room]


In the White House we are hanging brand new curtains

Bailout payments auto makers should make windmills

Our good friend, China, will pay for all my programs

Hundred dollar a pound steaks, yes, I care about the poor


I wait for the time when the banks are all mine (ha ha ha!)

I値l save the day just like Joseph did down in Egypt


Flip a coin, tails, I値l release the torture memos

Prosecute them, wait, Pelosi knew about this? (now痴 my chance to get rid of her!)

Hey, I値l sit down with Al Qaeda at the table

They壇 be reasonable if they only knew me


All the bad guys will be welcome in this house

Git-mo detainees can come here for a buffet


Secretary of state thinks pirates are funny (arg!)

At the summit I liked hugging the dictators

But I never bowed to sheiks dressed in their long robes

I知 so sorry that we are all bad Americans


I知 the most brilliant man who has ever lived here

I知 even smarter than President Thirty Nine


April 23-26, 2009 Words by Bill Griffin

Words copyright 2009 Bill Griffin