(Tune: Yesterday [Beatles])


Yesterday, think of all the food Iíd put away

Now I canít believe how much I weigh

Oh why did twenty go away?


Suddenly, I am twice the man I used to be

Thereís a spare tire hanging around me

Oh how the weight came suddenly


My metabolism wonít let me eat those fries

I ate something wrong now I wear a bigger size


Yesterday I could eat too much and be OK

Now I count calories every day

Oh when did I become this way?


Now I salivate for that pizza, just a piece

My cholesterol is so high my veins pump grease


Yesterday didnít matter what went down my throat

Now I do not need a raft to float

Be careful, kiddies, when you gloat

M m m m m m m


September 28, 2007

Suggested by Daniel Griffin

Lyrics by Bill Griffin

Lyrics Copyright 2007 Bill Griffin