Love songs/songs of affection which I have written for my wife.

Words and music by Bill Griffin:

Every Time She Turns Around (she takes a photograph) [2014 remix]

An acoustic remix (& re-recording of the acoustic guitar parts) of Death by Chocolate (2013)

A new, acoustic-guitar oriented version of My Lady.

A 2008 remastering My Lady (w/different percussion and added acoustic guitars)

New release! Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Death_By_Chocolate (I've always told my wife how much I like her chocolate-brown eyes!)

I wrote this next one a few years ago for my wife.

My_Lady (original recording)

Parodies (Words by Bill Griffin)






          I Ride Alone (this describes her bike riding experiences)

Note: The abundance of bicycling songs here is because my wife rides 7,000 to 10,000 miles per year.

I also have copies of some love songs in the various concerts and other recordings.

          In You (copy 1)   In You (copy 2)   In You (copy 3)   In You (copy 4 [not live])      

Tia’s Song (1985 live)           Tia’s Song (1988 live)           Tia’s Song (1995 live)

          I Wish I Knew (1985 live)      My Lady (2006 Live)


Updated August 3, 2008