These songs were recorded in my basement prior to our going to a studio to record a demo tape (1977, fall?). This is from our old band, APOCALYPSE. I played 12 string and electric guitars, Jim Griffin played bass, John Price played Arp String Ensemble and piano, and Steve Mercer played drums. John Price "That We May Know Him" and "The Ages of Man." I wrote "The Choice is Yours," "The Vials, Armageddon," and " In My Father's House."  Please realize that these recordings were of a practice session, rather than an attempt to get good recordings of the songs (too bad). 


"The Vials, Armageddon," and " In My Father's House" were part of a "rock opera" we put together based on the book of Revelation. I have searched, but I cannot any recording of some of the songs from that "opera,"  (which we lamely called "He's Coming After Dinner" [cf. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb]).  Click here to find a collection of extant songs from "He's Coming After Dinner." Click here to listen to our studio demo tape of Apocalypse.


That We May Know Him (John Price)

The Ages of Man (John Price)

The Choice is Yours (Bill Griffin)

The Vials, Armageddon (Bill Griffin) [note: this song is frankly depressing, is much too long, and certainly in not one of my better compositions!]

In My Father's House (Bill Griffin)


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