(brother to Bill Griffin)

This music has been posted with James Griffin's permission. All songs by James Griffin.

Songs recorded with the old band, e.g.*


Do I Compromise?  (studio version- 1990)

Do I Compromise?  (live version- 1991)

Give It To God (1991)

Personal Savior (1991)

Bible Belt (recorded live in 1996 with two members from e.g.*)

Deal With It (live, 1991)

Gethsemane / Behold A Man (1990)

Man of Sorrow (1991)


Solo Work: Demo album "See"


You're So Special To Me (a song for my wife)

Now And Then ("for now we see as through a glass darkly...")

Body Of Christ (Yankee reggae, anyone?)

Clouds (New Mexico springtime weather report-- with a twist)

Hard As Nails (where we "nail" all those excuses everybody has...)

A Materialist Bedtime Prayer (ever feel this way?)  * Recent recording

Infusion (a little instrumental diversion)

Bible Belt (think about this a little) * Recent recording

See My God Today (a song by the prodigal son)

My Treasure (our wedding song)  * Recent recording

Dry Wood (written for Renee on Valentines Day 2010) * Recent recording

Solo Work: ancient home recordings

He Is Coming Again ("living room" recording, 1987)

Jesus Is Lord  (e.g.* demo recording, 1989)


Pensacola Way (The only parody I've recorded to date, recorded 1997 at home.  Hank Hanegraaff would probably love it, and John Kilpatrick would probably hate it.  And call down God's wrath on me or something...  A big tip-o'-the-hat to Joe Walsh for the original song) 


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