Evangel University Library Research Guide



Updated September 2009


            The Evangel University Library Staff created this guide as an aid to researchers using the EU Library.  The titles provide suggestions where researchers may begin searching for sources needed to write an EXEGESIS.




            An EXEGESIS is a critical explanation of a portion of Scripture. [Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary]


Part I: Local Access Materials




Regent University Library included on the Web pages of Dr. Robert Sivigny


Websites gathered by the University of Princeton Library: Mostly give methods & list books that may be in one of the religious libraries in Springfield: Evangel, AGTS, BBC, CBC, Drury, or MSU.

1.      Resources for Biblical Exegesis: Erskine Theological Seminary

2.      Exegesis Internet Resources: Mount Angel Abbey

3.      Biblical Resources Tutorial: Graduate Theological Union

4.      Biblical Exegesis: Spring Arbor University

5.      A Guide to Biblical Exegesis: Queen's University (Richard Ascough)


Josephus, Flavius. Complete Works. DS116 .J7 1960Josephus, Flavius. Jewish War DS122.8 .J733 1997

New Testament Apocrypha BS2832 .S3

Old Testament Apocrypha BS191 .A1 1977 N44x or BS192 .A1

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha BS1830 .A3 1983

Jewish writings of the Second Temple period BM485 .L57 1984 vol. 2


From: Pope Pius XII Library of  St. Louis University, Compiled and maintained by Ronald Crown, D.Phil., M.S.L.S. Theological Studies Liaision Librarian and Will Soll, Reference Intern:

Six websites of particular interest are listed below

Two Comprehensive Web Sites

The ECOLE Initiative  Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia    An excellent place to begin research on the

            early church  on the Internet.

ORB:  The On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies   “ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by

medieval scholars… [It] includes an encyclopedia, archive, resources for teaching, items of particular interest to nonspecialists, and links…

Course Supplements

Byzantium:  Byzantine Studies on the Internet Edited by Paul Halsall (Fordham Univ.),

            this is a course supplement for Byzantine     Studies including …  links to other


Worlds of Late Antiquity

A very fine website by James O’Donnell, which houses his pages on Augustine,

Cassiodorus, and more.

Translations Online

Guide to Early Church Documents  Internet-accessible files

            relating to the early church, including canonical         documents, creeds, the

            writings of the Apostolic Fathers and other    historical texts relevant to church

            history.”   Also contains secondary    literature.

Early Church Fathers   Venerable English

            translations from the 38-volume collection divided into three series:  Ante-Nicene

            (ANF), Nicene and Post-Nicene Series I (NPNF1), and Nicene and Post-Nicene

            Series II (NPNF2), courtesy of Wheaton College




            A religious encyclopedia may be helpful in locating background information.


Encyclopaedia Judaica  2nd ed. Ref DS 102.8 .E496  It covers  Biblical and extra-Biblical subjects from a Jewish perspective.  It is especially strong on Old Testament literature and peoples.

New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge  Ref BR 95 .S435  It covers both Biblical and extra-Biblical subjects.




            When researchers begin an EXEGESIS they should start with a broad overview of the entire book containing the portion of Scripture.  Most Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias will provide history, outlines, and information about books of the Bible.


Anchor Bible Dictionary  Ref BS 440 .A54

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery Ref BS 537 .D48

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels Ref BS 2555.2 .D53

Dictionary of Paul and His Letters Ref BS 2650.2 .D53

Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Development Ref BS 2625.5 .D53

Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books Ref BS 1205.55 .D53

Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch Ref BS 1225.52 .D53

Illustrated Bible Dictionary  Ref 440 .I44

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE)  Ref BS 440 .I6

Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary  Ref BS 440 .Z6

Douglas.  New Bible Dictionary  Ref 440 .I44




Armstrong.  Reader's Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament  Ref PJ 4833 .A69  This provides a verse by verse simple definition of all major words in the Old Testament.  The added number after the parentheses is the page number of the definition in Hebrew and English Lexicon, by Brown, Driver and Briggs   Ref PJ 4833 .B67

Bauer’s German language Griechisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch has been translated in three editions:

1.      Arndt & Gingrich. 1957.  Ref PA 881 .B38

2.      Gingrich & Danker. 1979. Ref PA 881 .B38. It has an English index by John R. Alsop. 1981.  Ref PA 881 .B383

3.      Danker. 2000. Ref PA 881 .B38

Clines.  Dictionary of Classical Hebrew  Ref PJ 4833 .D6x  It is arranged by Hebrew words and has an English-Hebrew index.

Louw.  Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament  Ref PA 881 .G68  It has an English index and Scripture passage index.

Owens.  Analytical Key to the Old Testament  Ref PJ 4731 .B53 O94   This is similar to Armstrong above except it adds the parts of speech for each word.




Botterweck.  Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament  Ref BS 440 .B5713 (in process)  This will be the largest Hebrew dictionary.

Brown.  New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology  Ref BS 2397 .N48   It provides definitions to words in classical literature (CL), Old Testament literature (OT), and New Testament literature (NT).  There is a scripture text index in the last volume.

Goodrick and Kohlenberger code the articles to the numbers in the Exhaustive Concordance to the NIV.  There is a conversion table in the index volume for those only having Strong's numbers.

Harrison.  Baker's Dictionary of Theology  Ref BR 95 .B25   It contains both Biblical and extra-Biblical theological terms defined from a Calvinist viewpoint.

Jenni. Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament  Ref BS 440 .T4813  This has an English and Scripture text index.  The entries are keyed to pages in Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, Koehler and Baumgartner's Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis, and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.

Kittel.  Theological Dictionary of the New Testament  Ref BS 2312 .K5813  This is the largest Koine Greek dictionary.  There is a scripture text index in the last volume.

Spicq.  Theological Lexicon of the New Testament  Ref PA 875 .S613  It has an English index (List of English glosses) and a scripture and post-Christian writings index (Index of Ancient Sources) .

Taylor.  Beacon Dictionary of Theology  Ref BR 95 .B33   It contains both Biblical and extra-Biblical theological terms defined from an Arminian viewpoint.

Van Gemeren.  New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology & Exegesis  Ref BS 440 .N438  This was written as a companion set to the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology above.  It includes references to Ancient Near Eastern literature (ANE), Old Testament literature (OT), and post-biblical literature (P-B).  

Vanhoozer. Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible Ref BS 440 .D495 This is intended as a resource for all readers, not merely for those who advocate a particular approach.




Clapp. Analytical Concordance of the Greek New Testament. Vol. 1: Lexical Focus; Vol. 2: Grammatical Focus  Ref BS 2302 .C535

Harris, et al. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament  Ref BS 440 .T49  It defines Hebrew words in English and has an index in vol. 2 which connects Strong's numbers to its paragraph number.

Richards.  Expository Dictionary of Bible Words  Ref BS 440 .R525   It includes the words as used in both the Old and New Testaments.

Robertson.  Word Pictures in the New Testament  Ref BS 2341 .R6  It is arranged by books of the Bible and discusses words verse by verse.

Vincent's Word Studies of the New Testament  Ref BS 2385 .V5x  It is arranged by books of the Bible and discusses words verse by verse.

Vine.  Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words  Ref BS 2312 .V56  It provides definitions subarranged by word use (noun, verb, etc.).

Wuest.  Word Studies in the Greek New Testament  Ref BS 2385 .W8  The first two volumes are arranged by books of the Bible and discuss words verse by verse.




            When James Strong finished his Exhaustive Concordance in 1890 he provided one of the first numbered codes to the English definitions of Hebrew and Greek words.  More recently his numbers have been used to provide access to word study books alphabetized by Hebrew or Greek letters.  His numbers have been printed (usually) in the margins of the pages of these newer or reprinted books.


Strong.  Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible  Ref BS 425 .S8  This concordance to the King James Authorized Bible has dictionaries in the back of the book which are keyed by numbers (italicized for New Testament words or not italicized for Old Testament words). 

Complete Word Study Old Testament  Ref BS 885 .1994  This companion to the Word Study New Testament (below) includes study helps such as Grammatical Codes, Aramaic Codes, List of Irregular Verb Forms, Guide to Transliteration, Lexical Aids, Translation Reference Index, and Scripture Index.

Gesenius, et al.  New Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-Aramaic Lexicon  Ref PJ 4833 .B76   Strong's numbers are adjacent to the Hebrew words.  A complete cross-reference index is provided in the back.

New Englishman's Greek Concordance and Lexicon   Ref BS 2302 .W495, and, New Englishman's Hebrew-Aramaic Concordance  Ref BS 2301 .W495    These provide all the ways a Hebrew or Greek word was translated into English.  Strong's number is adjacent to each entry.

New Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies  Ref BS 1125 .W52     This is arranged by English words and is subarranged by the definitions of all Hebrew words that are translated by the English word.  It is keyed both to Strong and to the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament.

Thayer.  New Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon  Ref PA 881 .G8   Strong's numbers are in the margins.  A complete cross-reference index is provided in the back.

Word Study Concordance  Ref BS 2305 .W53   This is the companion to the Word Study New Testament above.  It has a key, explained in the preface, to the page numbers in other study aids.

Word Study New Testament  Ref BS 2305 .W531  The authors have placed Strong's number under every noun, verb, adjective, and adverb.   This book may be used in place of Strong if the researcher only needs the assigned number.




Since the publication of the New International Version of the Bible, Kohlenberger, Swanson, and Goodrick have re-worked and updated the numbering system introduced by Strong.

Kohlenberger and Swanson. Hebrew English Concordance to the Old Testament with the New International Version  Ref BS 1121 .K65   While it is arranged according to the Hebrew words, there is a very detailed English-Hebrew & Aramaic index. There is also “A Concise Hebrew-English Dictionary to the Old Testament” with Resource References to the lexicons of Brown, Driver, and Briggs; Koehler and Baumgartner; and Holladay.

Kohlenberger and Swanson. Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible This uses Goodrich and Kohlenberger’s numbering system.

Kohlenberger, Goodrick, and Swanson.  Greek English Concordance to the New Testament with the New International Version  Ref BS 2302 .K657  This is arranged by the Greek words, but also has a very detailed English-Greek index. It also has “A Concise Greek-English Dictionary to the New Testament” with Resource References to the word study set by Colin Brown and lexicon by Bauer, Arndt, Gingrich, and Danker.




            A commentary is a book of expositions on a portion of Scripture.   Researchers should use commentaries to find information for use in an EXEGESIS.   Exegetical commentaries tend to go verse by verse while devotional commentaries tend to cover only the "better known" portions and supply extensive supplemental illustrations, etc.


Anchor Bible  Ref BS 192.2 .A1 1964 This includes the Apocrypha.

Gaebelein.  Expositor's Bible Commentary  Ref BS 491.2 .E96   It has extensive introductory notes covering background of the book of the Bible and an outline of the book.

Harris.  Complete Biblical Library  Ref BS 491.2 .C64x   An Assemblies of God Old Testament commentary.  The companion set covering the New Testament is available at Ref BS 491.2 .C65x.

International Critical Commentary (ICC)  Ref BS 491. I6

New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT)  Ref BS 2341.2 .N4

New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT)  Ref BS 1151.2 .N48

Tyndale New Testament Commentaries  Ref BS 2341.2 .T9

United Bible Societies.  Handbook Series Ref BS 2385 .U3x  This series has exegetical, historical, cultural, and linguistic information on the books of the Bible.

Word Biblical Commentary  Ref BS 491.2 .W67  It has introductory notes covering the background and outline of each book, plus separate bibliographies for each portion of Scripture.




            Researchers should use different versions/translations of the Bible to help gain an insight into what was written in the original text.  Examples might include:


King James Authorized  Ref BS 185 1985

Living Bible, Paraphrased  Ref BS 550.2 .T38

New American Standard Bible (NASB)  Ref BS 195 .N35 1977

New International Version (NIV)  Ref BS 195 .N37 1978




            To locate scriptural passages covering similar topics, researchers may use a topical search aid.  Examples are given below:


Anderson. Where to Find it in the Bible  Based on multiple versions. Ref BS 432 .A533

Day. Roget’s Thesaurus of the Bible   Based on Revised Standard, NIV, New American Standard, and King James versions. Ref BS 432 .D39x

Nave. Nave’s Topical Bible Based on King James text  Ref BS 432 .N3




            To locate books look in the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) under the subject heading, Bible.  This heading has many subdivisions.  To find information on a certain book of the Bible use the pattern, "Bible N.T. Matthew," "Bible O.T. Genesis."  Some related terms are "Bible N.T. Commentaries," "Bible Concordances,"  "Bible Criticism, Interpretation, Etc."   For a complete list of related headings, check the red volumes, Library of Congress Subject Headings, kept close to the terminals in the Reference Room.




            The best way to find periodical or journal articles is in periodical index such as:

ATLA Serials  This electronic index includes what is published in Religion Index One: Periodicals, Religion Index Two:  Multi-Author Works, and Index to Book Reviews in Religion.

Christian Periodical Index  (on paper and online) This indexes over 100 conservative Christian publications.  Online and paper index.

Guide to Social Science and Religion in Periodical Literature   It includes denominational periodicals.   For articles on the Bible, look under, "New Testament literature" or "Old Testament literature."  Online .

New Testament Abstracts    Look at the index on the front cover.  There is also a scripture text index in the last issue of the volume. (A similar set, Old Testament Abstracts, may be used in the AGTS Library next door.)

Religious and Theological Abstracts Online.




Wagner. Exegetical Bibliography of the New Testament  Ref BS 2361.2 .W33  This provides a verse by verse list of exegetical sources.


Victor Matthews, Missouri State University, has compiled several bibliographies over the years. His bibliographies for Old Testament//Hebrew Bible research are located at

His bibliographies relating to Gender Studies are located also at this Web address. His bibliographies separately cover:

Ancient Near East                               New Testament

Old Testament / Hebrew Bible           Classical Studies

Pentateuch                                          Rabbinic / Mishnaic Studies

Ruth and Esther                                  Church History

Apocrypha / Pseudepigrapha             Modern Studies


Victor Matthews also has made a bibliography of the sources he believes are valuable research tools for studying the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.  

To find a local call number check the SWAN catalog, the EU Library, or CBC


























Part 2: Research Tools Compiled by Dr. Victor Matthews


Check the library holdings of EU, AGTS, BBC, CBC, Drury, and MSU for access to the tools.


Research Tools for Hebrew Bible and New Testament

Compiled by Victor Matthews


I. Basic Resources


 A. Multi-Volume Works


    1. The Anchor Bible Dictionary (1992)       

    2. New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (2006-)

    3. Encyclopedia Judaica (1963)

    4. Interpreter's Bible (1957)

    5. The New Interpreter's Bible (1994-)

    6. Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (1974-)

    7. Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (1975)

    8. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1979-1988)

    9. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (1964)

    10. The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, C. Brown, ed., 3 vols. (1975-78)

    11. Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, 4 vols. (1995)


B.  One-Volume Bible Dictionaries


    1. HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (1996)

    2. New Bible Dictionary (1982; rev. ed. 1994)

    3. Mercer Dictionary of the Bible (1990)

     4. Holman Bible Dictionary (1991)

     5. A Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation (1990)

     6. Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible (2000)

     7. Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (Brill, 1999)

     8. Women in Scripture (Eerdmans, 2000)


C. One-Volume Bible Commentaries


    1. Harper's Bible Commentary (1988)

    2. The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (1990)

    3. The Interpreter's One Volume Commentary on the Bible (1971)

    4. The International Bible Commentary (1979-RSV; 1986-NIV)

     5. The Women's Bible Commentary, expanded ed. (1998)

    6. The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament (Craig Keener; 1993)

    7. The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament (V. Matthews, J. Walton, M. Chavalas; 2000)


D. Histories


    1. J.M. Miller and J. Hays, A History of Ancient Israel and Judah, 2nd edition (2006)

    2. J. Soggin, A History of Ancient Israel (1984)

    3. J. Bright, A History of Israel (1981-3rd edition)

    4. N.K. Gottwald, The Tribes of Yahweh (1979)

    5. D.J. Wiseman, ed., Peoples of Old Testament Times (1973)

    6. R. de Vaux, Ancient Israel (1961)

    7. W.W. Hallo and W.K. Simpson, The Ancient Near East (1971)

    8. The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. II, parts 1 & 2 (1973 & 1975)

    9. H. Koester, History, Culture and Religion of the Hellenistic Age, 2 vols. (1982)

    10. F.F. Bruce, New Testament History (1971)

    11. B. Reicke, The New Testament Era (1968)

    12. A.B. Knapp, The History and Culture of Ancient Western Asia and Egypt (1988)

    13. V.H. Matthews and D.C. Benjamin, The Social World of Ancient Israel (1993)

    14. A.J. Hoerth, et al, eds. Peoples of the Old Testament World (1994)

    15. G.W. Ahlstrom, The History of Ancient Palestine (1993)

    16. V.H. Matthews, A Brief History of Ancient Israel (2002)


E. Introductions


    1. B.W. Anderson, Understanding the Old Testament (1986-4th ed.)

    2. O. Eissefeldt, The Old Testament (1965)

    3. N.K. Gottwald, The Hebrew Bible, A Socio-Literary Introduction (1985)

    4. W. Kuemmel, Introduction to the New Testament (1966)

    5. H. Conzelmann, Interpreting the New Testament (1988)

    6. D. Guthrie, New Testament Introduction, 3 vols. (1970)

    7. V.H. Matthews and J. Moyer, The Old Testament: Text and Context, 2nd ed. (2005)

    8. R. Brown, Introduction to the New Testament (1997)

    9. C. Hedrick, When History and Faith Collide (1999)


F. Archaeology


    1. K.M. Kenyon, Archaeology in the Holy Land (1965)

    2. Y. Aharoni, The Archaeology of the Land of Israel (1982)

    3. R. Amiran, Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land (1969)

    4. E. Linder and A. Raban, Marine Archaeology (1975)

    5. D. Bothwell and E. Higgs (eds.), Science in Archaeology. A Survey of Progress and Research (1969)

    6. W.G. Dever and H.D. Lance (eds.), A Manual of Field Excavations.Handbook for Field Archaeologist (1978)

    7. J. Finegan, The Archaeology of the New Testament (1969)

    8. J. Jeremias, Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus (1969)

    9. J. Wilkinson, Jerusalem as Jesus Knew It (1978)

    10. A. Mazar, Archaeology and the Land of the Bible (1990)

    11. W. Rast, Through the Ages in Palestinian Archaeology (1992)

    12. J.J. Rousseau, Jesus and His World (1995)

    13. E.M. Meyers, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East (5 vols; 1997)

    14. E. Stern, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods (2001)

    15. J. Laughlin, Archaeology and the Bible (1999)

    16. J. Magness, The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls (2003)

    17. Y. Hirschfeld, Qumran in Context: the Archaeological Evidence (2004)


G. Atlases


    1. Y. Aharoni, M. Avi-Yonah, and A. Rainey, The Macmillan Bible Atlas (1993, 3rd ed.)

    2. B. Beitzel, Moody Atlas of Bible Lands (1985)

    3. H.G. Mayes, Oxford Bible Atlas (1985, 3rd edition)

    4. J. Pritchard, The Harper Atlas of the Bible (1987)

    5. J. Rogerson, Atlas of the Bible (1985)

    6. C. Rasmussen, Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible (1989)

    7. F. van der Meer and C. Mohrmann, Atlas of the Early Christian World (1966)


H. Ancient Texts in Translation


Ancient Near East:


    1. J. Pritchard, Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament (1969)

    2. V.H. Matthews and D. Benjamin, Old Testament Parallels (3rd ed., 2006)

    3. W. Beyerlin, Near Eastern Religious Texts Relating to the Old Testament (1978)

    4. W. Hallo and K.L. Younger, The Context of Scripture (3 vols; 1997-2003)

    5. K. Smelik, Writings from Ancient Israel (1991)

    6. J. Moran, The Amarna Letters (1994)

    7. B.R. Foster, From Distant Days: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia (1995)

    8. B.R. Foster, Before the Muses, An Anthology of Akkadian Literature (1993)

    9. M.D. Coogan, Stories from Ancient Canaan (1978)

    10. S. Dalley, Stories from Mesopotamia (1989)

    11. M.T. Roth, Law Collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor (1995)

    12. T. Jacobsen, The Harps That Once ... Sumerian Poetry in Translation  (1987)

    13. K.L. Sparks, Ancient Texts for the Study of the Hebrew Bible (2005)

    14. H.C. Brenton, The Septuagint with Apocrypha: Greek and English (Hendrickson, 1986)


Dead Sea Scrolls:


1.      F.G. Martinez, The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated, 2nd ed. (1996)

2.      M. Wise and M. Abegg, Dead Sea Scrolls: a New Translation (1999)

3.      M. Abegg, The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible (2002)


Hellenistic Judaism:


1.      W. Whiston, The Works of Josephus (Hendrickson, 1987)

2.      C.D. Jonge, The Works of Philo (Hendrickson, 1993)

3.      L.H. Schiffman, Texts and Traditions: A Source Reader for the Study of Second Temple and Rabbinic

              Judaism (1997)


Christian Origins/Early Church


1.      J.M. Robinson, The Nag Hammadi Library in English: Revised Edition (1990)

2.      James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (1983)

3.      C.K. Barrett, New Testament Background: Selected Documents (rev. ed., 1989)

4.      Post-Nicene Church Fathers:

5.      C.F. Cruse, Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History (Hendrickson, 1998)

6.      Wilhelm Schneemelcher, New Testament Apocrypha, 2 vols (2003)

7.      B. Ehrman, Lost Scriptures: Books That Did Not Make It into the New Testament (2003)

8.      B. Ehrman, The New Testament and Other Early Christian Writings: A Reader (2003)

9.      Robert Miller, The Complete Gospels (1995)


I. Indices


   1. Elenchus Biblicus

   2. Religion Index

   3. Old Testament Abstracts

   4. New Testament Abstracts


J. Journals


   1. Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL)

   2. Catholic Biblical Quarterly (CBQ)

   3. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (JSOT)

   4. Interpretation (Int)

   5. Biblica (Bib)

   6. Vetus Testamentum (VT)

   7. Zeitschrift fur die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (ZAW)

   8. Perspectives in Religious Studies (PRS)

   9. Biblical Archaeologist (BA) – now Near Eastern Archaeology (NEA)

   10. Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR)

    11. Bible Review (BRev)

    12. Tyndale Bulletin (TynB)

    13. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR)

    14. Journal of Near Eastern Studies (JNES)

    15. Journal of the American Oriental Society (JAOS)

    16. Israel Exploration Journal (IEJ)

    17. Journal of Jewish Studies (JJS)

    18. Journal of Semitic Studies (JSS)

    19. Semeia

    20. Journal of the American Academy of Religion (JAAR)

    21. Revue Biblique (RB)

    22. Harvard Theological Review (HTR)

    23. Hebrew Union College Annual (HUCA)

    24. Biblical Theology Bulletin (BTB)

    25. Journal for the Study of the New Testament (JSNT)

    26. Novum Testamentum (NT)

    27. New Testament Studies (NTS)

    28. Zeitschrift fur die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde des Urchristentums (ZNW)

    29. Expository Times (ExpT)

    30. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS)

    31. Biblical Research (BR)

    32. Biblical Interpretation (BibInt)

    33. Palestine Exploration Quarterly (PEQ)

    34. Tel Aviv (TA)

    35. Orientalia (Or)

    36. Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament (SJOT)

    37. Aufstieg und Niedergang der Roemischen Welt (ANRW)


II. Technical Tools


 A. Commentary Series


    1. Anchor Bible Commentary Series (Doubleday)

    2. Old Testament Library (Westminster/John Knox Press)

    3. International Critical Commentary Series (Zondervan)

    4. The New International Commentary Series (Eerdmans)

    5. The Word Biblical Commentary Series (Word)

    6. Interpretation Commentary Series (Westminster/John Knox)

    7. The Cambridge Bible Commentary Series (Cambridge)

    8. Hermeneia Bible Commentary Series (Augsburg/Fortress)


 B. Textual Tools


    1. F. Brown, S.R. Driver, C.A. Briggs, Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament (1970)

    2. E. Kautach, ed. Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar (1910)

    3. S. Mandelkern, Veteris Testamenti Concordantiae (1969)

    4. W. Bauer, W. Gingrich, F. Danker, The Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and other Early
         Christian Literature, 3rd ed. (2000)

    5. H. Liddel, R. Scott, et al, Greek-English Lexicon, Nineth Edition with Revised Supplement (1996)

    6. W.F. Moulton and A. Geden, Concordance to the Greek New Testament, 5th rev. ed. (1978)

    7. Computer Kondordanz zum Novum Testamentum Graece (1980)

    8. L. Whitelocke, An Analytical Concordance of the Books of the Apocrypha (1978)

    9. Nelson's Complete Concordance of Revised Standard Version (1957)

    10. The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (1988)

    11. A. Even-Shoshan, A New Concordance of the Old Testament (1989, 2nd ed.)

    12.  A.L. Oppenheim, ed. Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (1963-)


C. Additional References


  1. N. Turner, Handbook for Biblical Studies (1982)
  2. R.N. Soulen and R.K. Soulen, Handbook of Biblical Criticism, 3rd ed. (2001)
  3. F. Danker, Multipurpose Tools for Bible Study (1993)
  4. P. Comfort, Essential Guide to Bible Versions (2000)
  5. W. Klein, D. Blomberg, & R. Hubbard, Introduction to Biblical Interpretation1993)
  6. W. Yarchin, History of Biblical Interpretation (2004)
  7. S.E. Fowl, ed. The Theological Interpretation of Scripture (1997)





On-Line Resources:


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The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism
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New Testament Exegesis Bibliography



Bibliographic Research in Biblical Studies (Roy E. Ciampa, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)  


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