1915-1918 WW1 Aerial Photos and Camouflage Photos Taken and/or Collected by Harry Holloway

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This collection has photos of training, equipment, aerial reconnaissance of France during World War One, and ground camouflage. We have reason to believe that the bulk of these photos are “The Cornell Collection,” a set of the best photographs sent back from the war for training purposes.

Our great-Grandfather Hollaway was a professional photographer. His son, our great Uncle Harry Holloway (1890-1952), at least trained to do aerial reconnaissance in WW1, although it is unclear if he actually made it to France.

He had no children but was quite fond of our father (his nephew), Jim N. Griffin. In 1953 his widow gave our father a photo album with almost 300 photographs. Many of these are recon photos of battlefields. A few of the photos appear to be training photos, probably in New York. There are also some aerial photos of Venice, Italy. It appears as though the training facility was at Cornell University. Other photos are of ground emplacements and camouflage.

I recently found a number of informal photos of the training, and these are now included as pages from a photo album.

The original photos are well preserved. Most are prints made from glass plates. I scanned them at 600 dpi, for the black and white resolution supported this. I also did not crop the images, but left all the writing and edges.

You may feel free to use these for educational purposes. However, if you wish to publish these you must obtain our permission (griffinw@evangel.edu).

We have not identified these photos, but we would appreciate any help in doing so. They are in the order that they occurred in the photo album. There are also some loose photos from the album which are in no particular order. We did not do tight cropping, for there is some information on the edge of photos, and we were also not willing to disassemble the album to scan it.

Bill & Jim Griffin

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