Mr. Teleprompter

Lady Obama

Back in the U.S.S.A. [lyrics]

White House [lyrics]

We Track Our Enemies [lyrics]

Scans by the TSA

Enter Homeland [lyrics]

(Itís screaming heavy metal. Waddaya expect?

Read the lyrics if you canít understand the words.

I couldnít understand the Metallica original w/o the lyrics. [My wife

said I needed to do something patriotic which wasnít a country song.])

The New Man Came to Town [Same thing without the intro ] [Lyrics]

God Bless the NSA [lyrics]

The HDS (Harvard Divinity School) Feminist Theology Colors (Live) [Lyrics]

††††††††††† (This is a really old recording.) Another really old recording of The Colors


*The HDS Feminist Theology Colors is not a parody.



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